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It’s time to transform the office

Remote work has become the norm, but the office is far from over. Key behavioural shifts have emerged and are expected to last beyond the pandemic. From hybrid workplaces to co-working spaces—office stakeholders must embrace these changes to remain competitive. Rethinking the office experience is the key to success – but what to focus on first?


Safer and healthier workplaces

Improve comfort and ease the everyday with workplaces that support the health and well-being of your building’s users.


Personalised People Flow experiences

Boost your building’s value with solutions that deliver enhanced office experiences, allowing employees and tenants to focus on the things that matter.


Smart and adaptive environments

Optimise your building operations with integrated solutions that use the power of connectivity to improve the everyday.

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Now is the time to reimagine the office. Get in touch to book an initial consultation with a KONE Expert to discuss the People Flow® solutions and services that will put you in the lead.

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KONE office solutions

KONE’s innovative solutions for the workplace environment are designed to create the best People Flow experience. Contact your local sales representative to find out which KONE office solutions are best suited to your needs.


KONE Office Flow

Deliver smooth, personalised access and enhanced user experiences in the office environment.

Reimagining the office of the future

KONE, Accenture, and AWS have envisioned how work will change in the future in a thought-provoking vision paper centered around four key themes:


Redefining user experience

The future smart office will learn from your behaviour and provide specific solutions and experiences that are unique to you.


Redesigning spaces

Future workplace environments will boast modular offices that scale up and scale down as needed with adaptable spaces that change from day to day.

KONE office solutions - Transform your office | KONE


Reinventing the office as a service

Pay for what you use and do away with what you don’t. Whether it’s a desk, meeting room or lift - the future office will allow tenants to choose services that provide them with the best value.


Rethinking sustainability

Values play a big role in where people choose to work. The future workplace will make sustainability visible and influence responsible behaviour with real-time metrics that prompt better decisions.


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