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When a relationship lasts 15 years, the chemistry must be right. KONE’s partnership with Metro de Madrid assures a smooth ride for three million daily commuters in the Spanish capital.


Opened in 1919, Metro de Madrid keeps the city on track, serving 47 million commuters every month, from six in the morning until 1:30 at night. Covering 293 kilometres and 300 stations, the subway is the eighth longest in the world, and its rapid expansion over the past two decades places it among the world’s fastest-growing rail networks.

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Building facts

  • Year of completion: 2007
  • Flow: 3 million passengers daily
  • Coverage: 13 lines, serving 300 stations
  • Owner: Metro de Madrid
  • Property manager: Metro de Madrid

KONE solutions

  • 334 new KONE escalators;
  • 122 new KONE lifts
  • To provide efficient and reliable lift and escalator solutions during the rapid expansion of Metro de Madrid’s underground network
  • To help the metro constantly improve its equipment availability and offer commuters the best possible user experience
  • KONE has supplied 334 new escalators and 122 new lifts for the expansion of the metro, as well as carrying out extensive modernisations and repairs