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Prepping for the future

Thousands of buildings across Europe are being refurbished and modernised, to handle more people, operate different functionalities, and utilise more modern technology. Here’s how Germany’s Westend Gate handled this transition.


The lifts of the Westend Gate building, which offers both hotel and office space in Frankfurt, were modernised between September 2015 and January 2017. To minimise time and save resources, KONE began by improving ease of access to the building. They refurbished the building doors and improved the secure entrance to the building. KONE’s Access control systems were integrated with the building lifts to improve security and efficiency. KONE’s Destination control system was installed to analyse the number of waiting passengers and the desired destination, in order to provide the fastest and most efficient routes. For VIP service for special tenants, these lifts could also be made to travel to the basement parking areas, a unique service provided by KONE for the Westend Gate. In order to access the underground parking area, two lifts were extended two floors underground, an extremely difficult task which hasn’t been carried out often, but which KONE managed successfully.

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  • Completion: 2017
  • Developer: Rudy Becker & Dörflinger Elektrotechnik
  • Height: 159 metres tall

KONE solutions

  • KONE ReGenerate™ 800 modernisation solution
  • KONE Destination control system
  • KONE Access™
  • KONE MonoSpace® 700 lifts


  • Ensure minimal disturbance to the occupants of the hotel.
  • Maximise amount of space available to the hotel by using space-saving products.
  • Install tailor-made solutions to fit the hotel's particular requirements.


  • Get involved right at the design phase of the project to develop appropriate solutions.
  • Designed a solutions package that kept the customer and the tenant's needs in mind.
  • Installed eco-efficient solutions to improve building's green rating.

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