KONE remote monitoring and communication device: from 2G to 4G

KONE remote monitoring and communication device: from 2G to 4G

KONE remote monitoring and communication device: from 2G to 4G

What does a KONE remote monitoring and communication device do and why is it important?
The KONE remote monitoring and communication device is an alarm system that ensures a 24-hour connection between the elevator and the KONE Customer Care Centre. This constant connection is crucial for maintaining safety, as it allows immediate contact with KONE in case of an emergency, such as entrapment. For your elevator to meet safety standards, the KONE remote monitoring and communication device must be operational. If this device fails, the elevator will be deemed non-compliant.

How does the KONE Remote Monitoring and Communication Device Work?
The KONE remote monitoring and communication device in the elevator is connected to a mobile telephone network via a modem. This network facilitates communication with our Customer Care Centre. Presently, some devices still operate on the 2G network. The 2G network will be switched off by mobile network operators in the course of 2025. This means that before 2025, all connections that are linked to the 2G network via the modem must be transferred to the 4G network; otherwise, the KONE remote monitoring and communication device will no longer work.

What has to happen?
To ensure that the KONE remote monitoring and communication device continues to work properly, it is important that your installation is equipped with the correct modem. The existing modem will need to be replaced with one that supports the 4G network.

What do building/lift owners need to do?

The telephone line is typically the responsibility of the building/lift owner (not the lift maintenance company) but it is urged that lift maintenance providers advise building owners that there may be a risk to the lift alarm system where analogue lines remain installed.

Those responsible for buildings need to take action:

1. Talk to your communication carrier to understand the changes to your line and when it will happen.

2. Check with your lift maintenance company for advice on equipment that can be fitted. At present, this will typically be a GSM solution incorporating a battery-backup.

Since 2G and 3G are also due to be withdrawn by 2025, we recommend a 4G solution, including SIM card.

Important information!

Attached is the link for Lift and Escalator Owner News on the Digital Switch and a warning on how lift alarms calls are being receive: Lift-Escalator-Owner-News-Digital-switch-warning-about-lift-alarm-calls

In May, the European Lift Association (ELA) produced a guidance document for improving safety, accessibility, and energy efficiency in modernizing existing lifts. The link to the document can be found at: Lift-and-Escalator-Owner-News-ELA-SAEL

Lift & Escalator Owner News, these documents can also be found on LIEA website at: Lift & Escalator Owner News

KONE remote monitoring and communication device: from 2G to 4G


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Do you have questions about the 2G phase-out? Read the frequently asked questions here.

  • The capacity of the networks is limited, and the demand for data continues to grow. 2G partially uses the same frequency as 4G. The space freed up by discontinuing 2G can be repurposed for 4G traffic.

  • Major carriers have announced plans to permanently shut down the 2G network in 2025.

  • Given the large number of modems that need to be replaced and the time required for this process, we must start well before the deadline to transition all elevators to the 4G network in time and prevent any elevators from being out of service.

  • If you take no action, your KONE remote monitoring and communication device will stop working once 2G is discontinued. This means you won't be able to contact our Service Center for help in case of an emergency. Additionally, your elevator will not pass its next inspection by the regulatory body.

  • At the time your unit was installed, it was not yet known that the 2G network would be phased out in 2025. It was only after we became aware of this that a new product was developed.

  • According to our records, the KONE remote monitoring and communication device in your installation is not yet compatible with the 4G network. You will receive a quote from us to upgrade your installation accordingly.

  • Upon your request, we will provide you with a proposal for a KONE remote monitoring and communication device equipped with a SIM card that connects to our Service Center via the 4G network.

  • No, the costs are not covered under your contract. The discontinuation of 2G is not a decision made by KONE but has been decided by the carriers. Therefore, this unforeseen (necessary) modification to your installation(s) is not covered under the contract.

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