Lift and Elevator Component Upgrades

Benefits of upgrades


Upgrading your lift’s electrification system, control system, and car lighting can significantly reduce the amount of energy it consumes. As well as making your lift more eco-efficient, these upgrades also cut your operating costs.


Lift performance can be greatly improved by modernising components like the control system and door operator. These upgrades improve reliability, levelling accuracy, waiting time, and accessibility.


Making sure lift passengers and maintenance personnel are safe is the number one priority. Upgrading components like the shaft and machine room lighting, the car overspeed governor, or the machinery guards will improve safety and help you better manage risk in your building.

Tools and downloads

KONE ascending car overspeed protection upgrade package

Our upgrade package for all brands of lift comprises a new overspeed governor, new rope and a new guiderail stopping device. These improvements will ensure that an overspeeding car is brought to a safe, controlled stop.

KONE car door operator upgrade package

Our car door operator package for lifts with automatic doors ensures quiet opening and closing and features fully adjustable operation speed to suit the needs of your building.

KONE electrification and signalization component upgrade package

Our electrification and signalization package combines a wide range of upgrades in a single, cost-effective offering covering your lift’s electrical control systems, car lighting and signalization.

KONE hydraulic valve component upgrade package

Does your hydraulic elevator need upgrading? Identify if your elevator has a single-bottom cylinder and find more information on double-bottom cylinder upgrade.

KONE Shaft and machine-room upgrade package

Upgrading the lighting in the elevator shaft and machine room improves occupational safety in your building. Our upgrade package provides sufficient lighting for technicians to carry out maintenance tasks and emergency lighting during power blackouts.

KONE MaxiSpace™ noise-reduction component upgrade package

Our noise-reduction package for existing KONE MaxiSpace lifts comprises new pulleys and isolated guide-rail clips, as well as replacement machine bed-plate isolation.

KONE parallel signalization component upgrade package

Clear, easy-to-use, and reliable signalization - car and landing call buttons - plays an important role in providing the best possible passenger experience in your elevator and on the landings. This upgrade package replaces the existing signalization with one of our ReVive KSS 210 or KSS 430 series products.

KONE Safety component upgrade package

pgrading the protective measures in the elevator shaft and machine room improves safety for both passengers and service technicians by reducing the risk of accidents. Our upgrade package includes a number of new protective devices for the elevator's moving mechanical parts.

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However well you maintain your lift, after years of reliable service and countless trips it will eventually need modernising. Well-planned modernisation ensures it will continue to operate reliably and energy-efficiently, and that it complies with the latest safety standards and complements your building’s design. Read more in the brochure (PDF).



Well-planned modernisation ensures your equipment continues to operate reliably, and that it complies with the latest safety standards and complements your building’s design. Read more about our modernisation process and KONE Care for Life and Asset Management Planning services.


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