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Signs that your lift needs an upgrade

It’s not performing as it should, or is often out of use

It’s not providing a smooth ride

It’s not leveling accurately with landing floors

The doors are slow, noisy, or not operating properly

The car interior looks worn and outdated

KONE MonoSpace® Upgrade packages

Here we have the different solutions to upgrade your lift. Installation can be done in phases and with minimal disturbance to the building usage.


This is the core package to start the upgrade with. Upgrading the electrification ensures:

  • More accurate leveling and improved ride comfort
  • Improved diagnostics and easier, faster fault finding
  • Eco-efficient performance

As well as upgraded electrification, you'll also benefit from stylish new signalisation that both looks great and delivers a first-class user experience.


Although your lift was built to last, the car design might be looking a little outdated after all these years.

Pick from our design theme collection or mix and match materials, lighting, and accessories to create a unique design.


  • Modular options ranging from the replacement of key components to replacing the replacement of the door system
  • Increased door safety with a modern safety system
  • A fresh look with new door paneling


Replacing your lift's existing machinery with the latest technology will not only keep it running reliably for many years to come, it will also significantly reduce brake noise, thanks to our latest-generation silent brake technology.

Smart Building Solutions

We offer a complete range of flexible solutions to help future proof your building and further improve your lifts performance, reliability and safety. All of which results in reduced lift downtime, reduced user journey times, added convenience for the end user and more.

What’s involved in an upgrade?

Tools and downloads

Interested in finding out more?

Contact us to arrange a no-obligation site visit where our modernisation experts will take a closer look at your KONE MonoSpace and recommend the best way forward.