KONE MonoSpace® Upgrade DX

Create a better, brighter tomorrow for you and your users

Ready to realise your KONE MonoSpace® lifts full potential? Enjoy all the benefits of a brand-new lift with modular upgrade packages that add long-term value to your building and improve the safety, performance, energy-efficiency and comfort of your equipment.


Future-proof your building

By upgrading your equipment, you'll save time and money down the line – and lay the foundations for a building that's ready to evolve quickly and effectively to the changing needs of tenants.


Inspire your users

Create a building users connect with. Value adding multi-sensory smart applications keep users informed and entertained while travelling, and improve lift accessibility and availability.


Partner for success

We'll be by your side every step of the way. That's because we offer care for a lifetime, that ensures simple, hassle-free service with minimized disruption to building operations – now and tomorrow.

KONE MonoSpace® Upgrade DX

Find out how smart technology and design innovations can enhance your equipment.

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Get to know your upgraded KONE MonoSpace® DX lift


Explore the upgrade packages here to help you enhance your equipment

Find out which equipment upgrade solutions best satisfy your requirements – according to your goals. Installation can be made in phases with minimal disruption to building usage.


Enhance connectivity

Updating your elevator controller and electification system for enhanced connectivity allows our digital services to improve elevator eco-efficiency, accessiblity, and reliability.


Improve user experience

Creating a pleasing in-ride experience is key to driving positive building perception. Our elevator car interior upgrades offer enhanced connectivity, up-to-date materials and finishes, media screens, and more.


Secure functionality

Give your elevator's hoisting unit an upgrade for enhanced safety. As the hardest working part of your elevator, it's essential to maintain and keeps your equipment secure and comfortable for users.


Optimize accessibility

The smooth and unhindered movement of people in and around your building is our goal. Our lightweight elevator doors operate quietly and smoothly, and maximize space inside the elevator car.


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